Nokia to change polycarbonate body to aluminium body for thinner and lighter Lumia

Nokia have decided to develop a new line of Lumia Windows Phone devices for this year. According to The Verge, Nokia are preparing move away from Nokia’s traditional polycarbonate body for an aluminium based body for its Lumia devices, so we’d expect something similar to the current Nokia’s flagship mobile although this time it would be slimmer, lighter and stronger.

Nokia is well-known for its device construction and has preferred polycarbonate materials most recently. A transition to an aluminium build would make its devices feel even more solid, and given the company to be more flexible with the overall design.

Furthermore to the upcoming 920 successor, reportedly it has been codenamed Catwalk, Nokia is preparing to lawn two more Lumia handsets although it is unclear when these devices will be available on the market. Nevertheless with the idea to have a thinner and light Nokia Lumia 920 is enough to get us excited.

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