Charities ‘Cash in’ on mobile phone recycling

Mobile phones, we all have one, or sometimes….three! When we upgrade to the next, what happens to its predecessor? It sits somewhere in a drawer gathering dust and depreciating more and more in monetary value. So of course more mobile phone users are starting to take advantage for the cash for phones schemes, and so too are charities!

Water Aid and British Red Cross are two major charities who give you the opportunity to not only recycle your phone, but also save lives. Water Aid receive, on average, £5 per phone recycled and no matter what condition or how old a model your phone may be, they accept it. The British Red Cross on the other hand receive up to £30, which is up to 50 per cent of its market value, for running projects in the UK as well as international. They offer first aid training to the people of the UK, and for the international, they help improve water and sanitary conditions in places such as Asia.


Oxfam are also requesting old mobile phones, as well as iPods, inkjet cartridges, digital camera etc which they can convert into money, which goes towards buying things like tools, seeds and schoolbooks for education.

Recycling your old mobile phone could also mean the end of breast cancer! The charity ‘Against Breast Cancer’ recycle mobile phones to help fund cancer research.


You could also donate your old mobile phone to Crimestoppers, who receive £3.50 for every phone received whilst disposing of the phones in an environmentally friendly way i.e. through reusing and refurbishing.


With so many different ways of recycling and places to recycle, one has to question why so many end up in our homes, abandoned and forgotten, or incorrectly disposed of in landfill sites, just adding to our electronic waste.

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