Refurbished phones: As good as new

In a world full of unemployment and economic difficulties, buying the latest flashiest phone direct from big names such as Apple may prove to be far too costly for some of us. So what is the alternative?

Refurbished phones

Refurbished phones are a great way to buy good quality mobile phones for a fraction of the price. However, some people question the quality of a refurbished device, stating you might not always know what you’re getting.


The Device Renewal Forum attempts to change that by setting specific standards for recycled phones, so that they really are ‘as good as new’. They will be will creating a standard for refurbished phones and a new category of goods renewed to a standard of quality that is agreed upon as an industry. For the consumer, this means a decent quality product for a decent price.


CEO of eRecyclingCorps chief executive David Edmondson told VentureBeat in an interview, “We are trying to create another class of devices. There are already new, used, and refurbished cell devices, but refurbished means something different to different people.”

“We are creating an organization that gives consumers and carriers confidence in rebuilt devices, and rebuilds devices up to a standard that they believe in,” says Edmondson, “Devices are retired when they perceptually obsolete, we will create a standard that says the devices is not functionally obsolete.”

Built up of representatives from distributors, sellers, re-manfactureres, OEMs, and carriers, the Device Renewal Forum will decide which devices should be renewed, , the technical standards for each refurbished device, and how devices will be rebuilt. The Forum will work as an independent governing body that will set the standards for renewed devices and evaluate the facilities that rebuild handsets. Standards will include which parts need to be replaced in certain devices and which devices shouldn’t be refurbished at all.

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