Cheap iPhones in stock now!

With the gossip revolving around the iPhone 5, it was inevitable for the prices of the previous models to slump. The 3G 8GB which was originally £399.99 2 years ago can now be picked up for about a £150.00 from eBay. So if you want to finally get your hands on one of these, then now is the time to buy.

The problem is though, how do you know it will not be full of problems after its thorogh use by by the original owner? The best thing to do is buy an iPhone from a trusted UK online mobile phone website to ensure that you have warranty even on used iPhones.

Buying a cheap iPhone from I Need A Mobile comes along with a 28 day warranty period making sure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. I Need A Mobile is a new website launched with a wide range of second hand smartphones and fully stock with cheap iPhones.

If you feel any pressure, than give them a call to get some peace of mind and don’t forget with next day Special Delivery free of charge and a trusted mobile phone website, you might as well give I Need A Mobile a shot.

The prices are cheaper than eBay and come in Grade A and Grade B condition, but what do these actually mean?

What does Grade A mean?

· This phone is Excellent Condition with no scratches

· Cosmetically there are no scratches on the screen and the back

· It’s been fully tested and is in full working order

It has been taken care of very well and is in nearly new condition

What does Grade B mean?

· This phone is used but in very good condition

· Cosmetically there are some scratches on the screen

· It’s been fully tested and is in full working order

This is a used handset that shows some signs of use


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