5 Common faults with the iPhone 4 with solutions

After reading around and doing some research, I have collated some of the common problems and faults found with the iPhone 4

1) I am sure you have heard of the poor antenna problem which is a fault I have experienced myself. It is extremely annoying when making long phone calls and the call cuts off leaving me or the person I am calling talking to the iPhone standby screen for a minute or so making you feel like an idiot. This is the most common iPhone 4 problem encountered by others. The the poor antenna designed by Apple is not so cool and as a result accusations have been made against Apple. This issue can be solved by changing the way you hold your iPhone and getting a habit of holding it in a way which will make your reception better. This is however, a temporary solution and many people may not be able to get out of the habit of holding your phone wrapped around your hand covering the sides. The alternative is to get the bumper case which Apple have now stopped giving out. It shouldn’t cost you more than a few squid of eBay.

2) Have you ever seen some yellow tints at the corners of the display screen or the screen? If you have don’t worry, this isn’t a permanent problem at all. The reason why this occurs is due to the glue used by the factories to stick the glass screen to the body of the iPhone. The glue was not left to try long enough allowing it to leak from the screen. This problem is solved naturally as the glue would eventually dry out, leaving the yellow tints to disappear.

3) Have you ever attempted to take a snap using the camera before finding that the virtual shutter is stuck? Thousands of iPhone 4 users have experiences this so don’t hesitate too much. When the rear camera stops working, you should immediatley make an appointment with the genius bar in your local Apple store. Mine is in Trafford Centre, which is always busy, so if yours store is also a flagship busy store, it’s best to make an appointment online before going in store to save on petrol which is increasing alarmingly fast. While we are on the camera, with the White iPhone 4′s many have found when taking pictures indoor that the automatic white balance causes low light shots. You may need to update to the latest firmware and if it still does not deal with the issue, then again Mac Genius bar it is.

4) Glass is Glass, the iPhone 4 is no different. Although it maybe ‘chemically strengthend to be twenty times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic’ it is still vulnerable. The only rational solution to this is to get yourself a nice iPhone 4 case and protect it. What do you value more, showing off and risking the glass or protecting your £400 odd iPhone?

5) Very rare, but some iPhone 4 fanatics have reported the volume buttons to act reversely, so the volume increases when pressing the volume decrease button and increases when pressing the decrease button. Simply a mistake with the component fitting and so you would need to get it opened up and swapped back. Take it to Apple! These are the experts, why risk it with your local mobile phone shop market who might have not even fixed an iPhone 4 before. Apple have designed their products to be built in a very different and unique way which many people are not used to. Even something like changing the housing is a delicate job and takes at least 2 hours. I have seen so many iPhones which look naff as the housing has not been fitted properly.

Some of you might still be in your warranty, if this is the case then complain to Apple and their staff will happily replace it. However, for others, you can expect very big fees to get a small problem fixed from a different shop. Average fix price tends to be between £29.99 to £99.99 and like I said earlier, be careful who you leave it with. Everything in the iPhone 4 is dependant on another component and you may find when the shop fixes one issue another issue arises. And for the lazy buggers, just get rid of it and look for a new one or try out a HTC desire HD. Money For Your Phone a mobile phone recycling website who sponsor Rochdale Football Club have a simple website (www.moneyforyourphone.com) and are currently offering £305.00 for the iPhone 4! At least you know you are not losing out and getting an excellent price.

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