The greenest option when buying a mobile maybe with Nokia

For mobile phones users who choose to recycle their mobile phones, there is a possibility to acheive further targets.

Whilst getting rid of your mobile in the right way, it is vital to grap the greenest replacement in the mobile phone industry.

Carita, author of the latest Nokia Conversations blog, explained the Finnish brand takes significant steps to be eco-friendly.

“Nokia has always taken environmental issues seriously. We have introduced many eco-innovations, as well as other improvements, to promote change,” she stated. The expert went on to note the firm targets low emissions, recycles materials and decreases the size of the packaging it sells mobiles in.

These factors indeed make it a more attractive choice for those looking to purchase a new mobile phone who try their best to help the environment.

The Nokia E6 and Nokia E7 is a fantastic choice to take into consideration when buying your new ‘green’ mobile phone!

In the meantime, go ahead and recycle your current mobile phone with Money For Your Phone who have a simple way to collect cash and be green simultaneously.

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