Whats your phone worth?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does it all work?
Q. What I must send with the handset?
Q. What is an IMEI number?
Q. What condition does the handset need to be in?
Q. How do I find out what model my handset is?
Q. What if my phone is not on the list?
Q. Does the colour of my handset affect the price?
Q. Is there a limit of how many phones I can sell?
Q. What type of postage do I use when sending the phone?
Q. What if my phone is barred/blocked?
Q. What if my phone is worth more than the one I want to SWAP?
Q. How long before I receive my phone?
Q. Can I pay the difference witout PayPal?
Q. Can I have a refund if I am not happy with the SWAPPED phone?
Q. How many times can I swap my phone?
Q. When will I receive my payment?